Paintings of Student's Work

Though it is true that teaching art can absorb a great deal of your psychic and creative energy, nevertheless

I find that it has its own rewards because It often helps me to understand issues in my own paintings. I want to increase my objectivity about the work at hand. My students are adults, mostly in the intermediate or semi advanced stage. Usually they have had several previous instructors and feel they need more hands on direction than is usually given.



More often than not they come to me because want an instructor to help them how to rescue  paintings that have become confused and so remain unfinished. Usually its easy for me to see their problem and help them solve it. But almost always, in these these mid-painting chaos,  there remains something worth keeping and a route forward. Dealing with shadows and shadow color is the something they have never learned properly.



Too often the individual is ready to give up and trash what could be a good painting if only they hadn't given up so quickly.  So I'm usually teaching the "the end game", which says  " its not runined or bad...we're here to make art and we judge only the art.. its not about you. So keep on painting and or tear it up and start anoither". Here are some recent paintings by my students... the ones who kept on smiling .."no matter what and mastered "the end game". 


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