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Tools & Supplies

Recommendations for Tools and Supplies when attending a Letven class or workshop.


For advanced students many of the items listed below are probably already in your toolbox.

Please view the following items as merely a checklist.

I certainly do not suggest that anyone buy everything on the list.


For students who have had only a few previous watercolor classes or have not worked in watercolor for some time, you should eventually

acquire the basics as listed.

Those items considered very important are underlined


1) Round Pointed Brushes

Pointed Rounds Watercolor

Sables or Mixed Synthetic OK

Sizes #. 2  #. 4 No. # 6  and  #8


2) Flat Brushes

Watercolor Brushes Sable or Mixed Synthetic OK

Sizes: 1/8 -1/4 width -1/2’ width and -3/4” or

# 2 flat   #4 # 6 #8


3) Paper 

Suggested sheet brands... Arches or Montval or equal Windsor & Newton  Watercolor Block

or Spine Taped Large Pad 


Sizes: W&N Maximum Size: 15” x 20”

Minimum Size” 9” x 12”

Wt. 140 lb Cold Press (rough) 15-20 sheets


Brand: Canson or Arches

Arches (best but most expensive) Montval Brand less expensive but OK)


Note: Montval Sizes are

Max Size: 15” x 20”

Minimum Size 11”x 14”


Recommended: Bring One half sheet or full sheet cut in quarters

300 lb. Arches

Cold Press Watercolor Paper – cut into quarters and use by stretching one piece onto mounting foam board with tape. or staples after wetting paper. then staple. Must be dry by time of workshop


New Foam board for stretching paper using staples is very good but not necessary for this workshop.

If you care to buy it do not buy largest size. Instructor will have stapler and demonstrate stretching.


Small spiral bound artists book  6” X 9” or  7” x 10” multi-media

paper for drawing and pre- sketches.


4) If not using Pad or Block and you prefer to stretch paper your backing board should be:

Plastic, Masonite or thick Foamcore board . Must be water resistant surface and not cardboard.


5) Paints, Sets and Palettes.


It is okay to use student grade colors in tube or set form for budget reasons. However professional grades for the blue pigments are especially recommended for this workshop….  (Winsor&Newtown or equal) They can be used to refill the pans

as they are used more frequently than other pigments particularly in scapes.

Winsor & Newton student grade brand is

Cotman Brand.


Watercolor Sets: Your choice of:

a ) professional or student grade watercolor set with replaceable pans… ample mixing palette or

separate large palette. Refill using tubes or pre wrapped pigment blocks

Or b) Plastic Tray with up 18- 25 wells… with cover is ideal. Heritage

Folding Palette (Cheap Joe’s is ideal) Refill using tubes


6) One bottle of Gouache White such as  Pro White or

AquaCover White (preferred)


7) Basic watercolor paints


Winsor &Newton-5 ml tubes size or Pan refills OK

Note: Allegheny has discontinued Holbein, a very good brand

and may have last of stock on sale now.

Other Good Brands, Rembrandt and VanGogh

Alizarin Crimson W004-


Lemon Yellow W086-5

Cadmium Red W094-5

French Ultramarine W263-5

Cobalt Blue Deep W180-5

Cerulean Blue ( or Manganese Blue)

Indigo W465-5

Sap Green W503-5

Burnt Sienna 074-5

Yellow Ochre W744-5


Optional Paints

Prussian Blue

Opera Rose

Paynes Gray)

Burnt Umber




8) Miscellaneous  Supplies


Artists masking tape

(tan preferred)

about 1/2 inch or 5/8 width


Small X-acto blade and handle


Bottle of Miskit or any Liquid Frisket


Tool Box Medium size plastic with handle to transport your

tubes, brushes etc.


Paper Towels (about 10 sections  folded…do not bring roll


One Fine Artist Sponge


One Kneaded Eraser


Pencils HB, 2b or 3b and small portable sharpener


Three Watercolor Pencils

One Violet, One Blue One Green pencil. Note: Optional

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